GET 5 web & mobile software development opportunities every day
Are you a web and mobile software development company or team? Would you like someone to constantly search, manually filter and deliver new, open software development opportunities to you? ZZack does that. Try ZZack free for a week and get new opportunities delivered in your inbox:
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How does it work?
Pretty simple.
1. ZZack's bees search and go through ~ 300 open *remote* opportunities every day (6k per month) from hundreds of different sources.
2. Then they chose 5 viable opportunities, enrich them with data and deliver them directly to you every morning. (~ 100 per month)
3. You drink your morning tea (with a lil' bit of honey), pick the ones you like and then you go and get them.
How does an opportunity look like?
There are 5 crucial parts:
1. Opportunity headline and description
When you open the daily email with opportunities, we expect you to quickly scan and see if something catches your attention. That is why we've organised the information in a manner that at the top of every opportunity box, first you see what is needed.
2. Company name and info
In order for you to be equipped with the right data for taking advantage of every opportunity, we invest time, energy and resources to check every company manually and dig more info about it.
3. Decision maker(s) contact info
You wont be left on your own after you know who needs what. We go step(s) further and discover WHO needs to be contacted. We strive for two decision makers and we give you even links to their social presence. Isn't that nice?
4. Online presence
Maybe you are thorough and you want to do a quick research too. We got you. That is why we deliver the links to the company's social/online presence. Do your thing. 
5. Link to the original posting/source
At the end of every opportunity you will get a link to the original posting too. We don't hide anything since your success is our success. Plus, we get a bonus jars of honey every time you get a lead or close a deal.
What The Clients Say About ZZack
Drazen Koteski
Business Development Manager at 4Virtus
"The whole experience is fantastic! 

Nothing better for a salesperson than a well-structured info for a list of potential leads coming on your email every day. Saves quite a lot of hours of work every day. 

Glаd to be among the first to use this service."
Miki Dimitrov
CEO & Founder of ECHO
"When ZZack’s team approached me to be one of their "beta testers" I was thinking that this is BS. I thought they will probably use a software to find the data and sell it to me like a "manual" service.

But I was wrong. What I can see from the test opportunities I received, this will be a game changer for us. Finally the opportunities will "chase" us instead of us chasing them."
Matej Pilát
Owner of veevoy
"My company works with web & mobile apps dev and when I saw ZZack I immediately joined. 

ZZack is a great platform!

Outstanding project opportunities and customer service for all of us to strive for. ZZack's team - keep up all the good work"
George Kosev
CEO of 3P Development
"Prospecting for software development work is so exhausting. 
Thanks to ZZack's leads, we've got the first potential client in the first week of using it. 

Tо be precise, in the first 3 days. I would give ZZack a 9 out of 10. 
Sure I didn't expect perfection, but I'm personally amazed by the product"
The short story of the 'black bee"...
You've heard the "black sheep" metaphor...right?!

Well, this is the equivalent of that. Just in our case, we have a bee. 

His name is ZZack and once upon a time, he was about to be one of the "Bizz Bees" over at BizzBee Solutions.

He was preparing and training and trying...

But, it didn't happen for him. He didn't receive an official role.


He had one major flaw: He was not able to work in a team.

He wanted to be in charge. He wanted to lead.

To learn the lesson, he was assigned as a librarian so he can work for the other bees and help them with their projects.

A few months ago, working with the lead generation bee, he found out that IT companies had this problem for discovering new project opportunities.

He started digging and he found that more and more software development companies started to have this problem recently.

Without a permission, he assembled a team of bees and started working on a super secret project.

"No more hiding" - he said. "I have to help!"

So he decided to launch this new program with a code name: "Flood of business/project opportunities for software development companies that want to have a stressless, predictable and stable growth."

Read the next part to see how it works....
What It Will Do For You?
How ZZack can change your reality for the better?
With ZZack on your side, you can focus on closing more deals instead of doing the heavy lifting of discovering, prospecting and filtering opportunities.

Imagine what will it be like to have 100 new, potential clients waiting in your office every month even before you arrive for work. Now, feel how secure and confident you will be every day.

You're going to start operating on a different level since you'll be able to stop surviving and start growing the business. We are often reffering to ZZack as the "vending machine" for growth.
What You Should Do Next?
Join now and test ZZack's capabilities in the next 7 days. After that, you'll be able to stay as a member for just 198 EUR per month. (instead of paying the regular price of 298 EUR) The offer is valid until 31st of December, 2018.
Special Offer. Billed monthly, no set up fee.
  • 7 days trial period
  • 5 opportunities per day/100 per month
  • Manually filtered opportunities
  • Data enriched profiles for every opportunity
  • Cancel anytime
  • 30 day money back guarantee
You're In Good Hands
In the past 10 years, BizzBee Solutions is helping companies and entrepreneurs find the right data, from the right source at the right time. With more than 250 projects under their "wings" they enable ZZack to do magic when it comes to delivering of the promised results. 
You have questions. We have the answers.
Can I try ZZack without credit card.
Yes. We now have a completely free trial. No credit card required. Visit this link to get started.
How do you pick the daily opportunities?
Our team researches the web every day in order to find, filter and manually pick the best web & mobile development opportunities. The opportunities we currently share are remote positions suitable for companies that work on the time and material principle of outsourcing. 
Which tech stack are the opportunities based on?
Looking back at the opportunities we've shared so far, most of them are in the area of web development and android / iOS development. Rarely we have a precise request/opportunity for JavaScript, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby etc.

Got more questions? Please contact us asap.
Who Is Behind ZZack?
BizzBee Solutions a.k.a. the bee hive
We are BizzBee Solutions and we help Startups and SMEs to focus on their core business and leave everything else to professionals.

We have more than 10 years of experience working with Entrepreneurs and Startups, and a large portfolio of 250+ successful projects behind us.

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